One of the best people on tumblr.

Hey guys,

I hate making emotional posts or anything close to them, but there is this person I want each and every one of my followers to follow. First of all, let me say a few things about this person first.

She’s a wonderful human being. She’s compassionate, honorable, beautiful and she listens to anyone and reaches out to just about everyone. She loves with all her heart and she respects friendships and understands the depth in them.

She followed me back when I had like 60 followers. We talked all the time, and we still do. She’s one of the sweetest people on tumblr and she will do just about anything for you.

Now, let me discuss her talent. People say I make cool gifs and art.

Excuse me.

What I make isn’t art. It’s just screencaptures that are coloured poorly. Since when has that been considered art?

Kim is an artist in every sense of the world. She paints, she makes gifs, she makes videos and she can edit just about anything.

Her talent is limitless and she’s not one of those blogs that centralize on one thing.

You’ll find Wincest, Destiel, Supernatural— every single thing in her blog. She doesn’t just stick to one fandom, she explores and branches out.

Just follow her and I assure you, that you won’t regret it.

And I know some of you hate your “following” number going up, and that’s fine. Unfollow me! And follow her!

She’s just that perfect.

I love you, Kim. You are one of the best blogs on tumblr and I’m blessed for having you on my dash.

And if you ever made Dean/Jo porn gifs for me, I wouldn’t forget about it all that easily.

Follow Kim. The future God of Tumblr.